Frequently asked questions originate through this website and through our Facebook page

Questions: Where do I purchase a particular indigenous tree?

How quickly will a particular tree will grow?

Which tree is best for a small / big garden?

Answer to all the above:  The Tree Society of Zimbabwe does not claim to have any expertise in any of these areas (see About Us),  we refer you to Tree Nurseries where we think there is help/ advice offered.


Question: Where do you get help for an established tree which looks “sick” or is overgrown or is not doing so well or whatever.

Answer:  The Tree Society of Zimbabwe does not claim to have any expertise in this,  we refer you to Tree Surgeons. If you want help with a tree, get hold of Maison Musindasora ( Mobile: 0774 150 530 ) who trained as a Tree Surgeon under the late Malcolm Leppard.


Question:  I have seen a tree which I don’t recognise and would like to identify it, what should I do?

Answer: Take close up photos of whatever there is on the tree: bark, leaves, flowers or fruit. Post these photos to the Tree Society of Zimbabwe Facebook and someone may identify it.  However, if it is a rare plant then you need to press samples of whatever is available for identification later on by the Herbarium or someone knowledgeable.  See page on: Collecting Plant Specimens


Question:  Do all African trees have uses and medicinal properties?

Answer: It would appear that most of them do have their uses and are also used for all sorts of ailments. The Tree Society of Zimbabwe does not recommend you try any of them and will not be responsible for the outcome. Many tree books do include uses and medicinal uses in the write-ups. See page on: Herbal Remedies


Question:  Are insects beneficial to trees?

Answer:  Yes and no.  Beneficial insects pollinate or predate on insects that could be harmful to trees. On the other hand there are insects that eat parts of the trees or bore into them etc. Some insects kill trees!  See page on: Weevils