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Welcome to the Tree Society of Zimbabwe website which will be continuously developed with new pages being added every so often.

Our aim is to make this an interesting and informative website.  You will be kept abreast of additions as they go live.

What’s new?

New page on Importance of Trees  added on 12th November  2022.  

The Tree Labelling page has been updated on 13th November 2022 to include the latest work carried out at the National Botanical Garden.

You can see photos of galls in the Gall Gallery which was added on 23rd April 2022. The gallery is being added to as more photos come in.

On a monthly basis, the latest Tree Life is being added.


All the newsletters of the the TREE SOCIETY OF ZIMBABWE covering the period 1980 till present have now been uploaded to the Newsletters page.  However, before the name change from TREE SOCIETY OF RHODESIA  there has been some form of newsletter to members.  At first these took the form of an informal note to members on an irregular basis, but as the Society became more organized a monthly newsletter was sent out.  However, these Newsletters took a very different form from TREE LIFE which was initiated in 1980 in its present format. The Newsletters from 1950 to 1979 have been uploaded in a different format, and appear as extracts from the monthly newsletter and all the letters for one year and come under that year, e.g. 1976.

There are many missing months, as there are many missing newsletters, but we have as full a record as we can from the newsletters we found.

Our aim was to have as complete a history of the Tree Society of Zimbabwe as possible.

Tree Identification

If you need assistance with identifying trees that are found in Zimbabwe, we recommend that you post images to the Tree Society Facebook group where members will try and help you to name your plants.

Alternatively, images can be posted to the larger Flora of Tropical Africa group. This group has probably more expertise available and will also discuss non-woody plants and plants found in other tropical African countries.

Tree Life

Tree Life is the society’s monthly newsletter. Find back issues on our Newsletter page.

Upcoming Outings

Whilst non-members are very welcome to join us on afternoon or morning day outings, only members will be permitted to go on weekend outings. Outings to private residences are reserved for members only – an email reminder to members will include the directions to the venue.

Tree Society of Zimbabwe AGM

Date: 28 April 2024
Time: 9:30 am - 4:00 pm
Location: Val D'Or


Sunday April 28thThis is the fourth Sunday of April when we have our AGM

Notice is hereby given that the 74th Annual General Meeting of the Tree Society of Zimbabwe will be held on Sunday 28th May 2024 at 9.30 am.

Order of events:

09: 30 Coffee / Tea and Eats

10:30 AGM

11:00 Scavenger Hunt

12:00 Socializing and lunch

14:00 Fun Quiz

15:00 Coffee / Tea / Eats and socializing

This function is for members only. For catering purposes, we need to know who is attending. So, diarise the event and let us know soonest by WhatsApp to Tony Alegria if you are coming.


Membership of the Tree Society is open to all who have an interest in trees and a wish to learn more about them.